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  • Akshay Jirage

    Akshay Jirage

    Artist turned Serial Entrepreneur | Art Market Analyst | Champion of www.artmarq.com and now eyeing data-driven decision making and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Jenny Q. Ta

    Jenny Q. Ta

    Serial Entrepreneur | Founder/CEO CoinLinked.com & VCNetwork.co | Fmr Founder/CEO of two Wall Street Investment Banks | VC | Angel Investor | Speaker | Mentor

  • Shayne McGregor

    Shayne McGregor

  • Neil Baptista

    Neil Baptista

    Founder, Innovator, Angel, Mentor

  • Cathy Breslaw

    Cathy Breslaw

  • Ken Zhou|周記

    Ken Zhou|周記

    FJU SIS /Data Analyst — 關注商業分析與資料科學 &分享加密貨幣相關的投資工具與經驗

  • Patrick Seng

    Patrick Seng

  • Domenico Quaranta

    Domenico Quaranta

    Domenico Quaranta is a contemporary art critic, curator and educator based in Italy. He’s the author of Beyond New Media Art (2013). http://domenicoquaranta.com

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